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Accounting and tax consulting services CIBC US, we offer a wide range of solutions designed to help businesses maintain accurate accounting records and comply with legal requirements. A critical aspect of these services is the assessment of existing management reporting systems to ensure compliance with established benchmarks and to identify the root causes of any potential deviations. This analysis also includes the study of the organization of work processes and the distribution of management responsibilities between different departments. Additional services in this area include the development of budgeting systems, management reporting formats and the creation of a balanced scorecard for senior management.

Our consulting firm, CIBC US, also provides a variety of support services to support companies in their accounting needs, such as professional selection of candidates and verification of their competence through assessments and interviews. In addition, consulting firms offer customized consulting packages and online support on current tax and accounting issues. Monthly seminars and trainings also help to inform companies about the latest changes in the field of taxation and accounting.

Our consulting firm CIBC US conducts corporate seminars and trainings tailored to the specific needs of each company. Services for the development of models for accounting for products, works and services, as well as support in the implementation process, can also be provided. In addition, consulting services can help in the organization of accounting of financial transactions using Performance Marketing, PR and SMM. Viewing payroll statements, personnel records, and financial documents are other important services offered by consulting firms.

Interaction with our consulting firm CIBC US offers numerous business benefits, including time and money savings, expert advice, competence, an integrated approach and individual service. The experience of more than 65 specialists and their competence in various fields allow them to find the right solution for each company. An integrated approach to solving problems involves the participation of the necessary specialists, including accountants, auditors, lawyers. By individually selecting a consultant, companies can get the most effective solution to each issue.

Our CIBC US consulting services help businesses minimize accounting errors and maintain accurate and compliant business records. In addition, they ensure that companies are aware of any legislative changes by offering the opportunity to attend seminars and workshops. Outsourcing accounting tasks to consulting firms is also an option that can save companies money on personnel costs. Using consulting services, businesses get effective solutions and clear answers to their queries, which eliminates the need to "reinvent the wheel" and allows them to focus on growing their business.

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